ACOR lecture tour USA – Canada 2013

ACOR lecture tour USA – Canada 2013


On invitation of the American Conference of Oriental Rugs organisation (ACOR) Drs. Koos de Jong will do a lecture tour on occasion of his new book Dragon & Horse. Saddle Rugs and Other Horse Tack from China and Beyond, Amsterdam – Hong Kong 2013. The tour is organized by Cheri Hunter, Program Chairman, Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.

Although the book will come up for discussion, the author will focus on some related issues, including the results of further research.  According to the preference of the various hosts, it concerns issues such as: 1. Early Tibetan (saddle) rugs, 2. Ceremonial (saddle) rugs, like the so-called ‘RKO’ rugs, the Ningxia ‘column’ rugs, tiger rugs or the Tibetan flayed human skin rugs, 3. ‘Mongolian’ felt rugs, 4. Camel saddle rugs, etc.

Lecture tour program

Oct. 16   Calgary

Oct. 18   San Francisco, CA

Oct.  21  Seattle,  WA

Oct. 23   Portland, OR

Oct. 26   Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 1    Chicago, IL

Nov. 2    Indianapolis, IN

Nov 5     New York, NY

Nov 8.    Philadelphia,  PA

Nov. 9    Princeton, NJ

Nov. 10 Washington, DC

Nov. 15 Boston, NE

Nov. 17 Montreal.

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the book
Simply a must for anyone who loves textiles, horses or the history of China’s military, sports or culture.