About the author Drs. Koos de Jong

and archival science at the University of Amsterdam in 1976.

Active since 1976 up to 2009 successively as scientific staff-member at the Historical Museum in Amsterdam, director of the Provincial Overijssels Museum in Zwolle, vice-director and chief-curator at the Netherlands Office for Fine Arts in The Hague, director of the Zaanse Schans and Zaans Museum in Zaanstad and director of the European Ceramic Work Centre in Den Bosch.

Author of hundreds of articles and several books about: the pewterer’s guild in medieval Amsterdam, the Dutch medieval interior, medieval sculpture, modern architecture, the Dutch painters Jan Sierhuis and Anton Martineau, modern ceramics, modern design, ceramics in architecture and Chinese carpets.

Private collector of Chinese art and Oriental carpets.

Curriculum Vitae

J.W.M. (Koos) de Jong
Date of birth
12 september 1948 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Civil status
married to Mrs. Ingeborg de Roode, curator industrial design at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Master Art History and Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam in 1976
Master Archival Science at the University of Amsterdam in 1976
Higher management, NIVE in 1978
Projectmanagement, Twijnstra & Gudde in 1978
Cultural management (MILCA), De Baak in 1992

Work expierience

1976-1977               Scientific staff-member, Historical Museum, Amsterdam
1977-1978               Scientific staff-member, Provincial Overijssels Museum, Zwolle
1979-1985               Director Provinciaal Overijssels Museum, Zwolle
1985-1994               Vice-director and Chief-curator Collections Department,
Netherlands Office for Fine Arts, The Hague
1994-1999               Director Zaanse Schans, Zaanstad
1996-1999               Director Zaans Museum, Zaanstad
1999-2009              Director European Ceramic Work Centre, ’s-Hertogenbosch
October 2009        early retirement.

Current occupation


researcher into Chinese, Tibetan and Anatolian carpets

(within the framework of a Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam) : researcher into early Chinese miniatures (5000 BC – 1424 AD)

the book
Simply a must for anyone who loves textiles, horses or the history of China’s military, sports or culture.