Author and publisher:
Drs. Koos de Jong, The Netherlands (

Pages: 240

Illustrations: 288 in full colour, 2 maps of China, 5 line-drawings

Appendixes: Technical Details, Glossary, Bibliography and Index

Translation in Chinese: Juno Chan, Hong Kong

Photography: Erik and Petra Hesmerg, Sadegh Memarian, The Netherlands

Design: Rosanne Chan / CA Design, Hong Kong ( )

Print: Communication Art Design & Printing Ltd

Distribution: CA Design Book Club, Hong Kong (

Finish: two volumes in slip case, hard cover, cloth mounted, W 22.5 cm H 30.3cm

Quantity: 2000 copies

Price: € 59,50 / $ 80

ISBN 978-962-7502-92-0


the book
Simply a must for anyone who loves textiles, horses or the history of China’s military, sports or culture.